Year in Review: 2020

What can be said about 2020 that isn’t some sort of cliche, or some recap of how horrible things were this year? We all know it was rough around the edges, so I thought I’d share the bright spots for the Novak family:

  1. Even though everyone was stuck at home, this turned out to be a great thing for us as new parents. Adeline had a total of seven (work) days in her daycare before we pulled her out full time. Megan had about the same amount of time in her office post-maternity leave. As for myself, I was on a case-by-case basis of working from home, probably totaling overall to a 50/50 split. All things considered, we saw more of our daughter growing up this year than we would have in any other year, thanks to the stay-at-home orders.
  2. Fence and Trees – we can’t let something like a pandemic stop us from improving things around the house and yard. We had been saying since we moved in that we need to get a fence in our backyard; ours was one of the only lots that lacked one, and we were concerned that Rusty would take off into the open space behind our house when we weren’t looking. Once the fence was complete, we figured the next logical move was getting some trees planted.
Fence and Trees
Our rear fence and three new maple trees

3. Travel trailer… made a lot of progress this year, all things considered…

4. The power of friendship allowed Brad and Joe drove 1600+ miles to visit us in August. We were taking the pandemic very seriously (due to having a baby and all…), and taking a plane was out of the question. Flexible and dedicated friends means the 27 hour car ride wasn’t an impedance to our yearly get-together.

Lone Eagle Peak in Indian Peaks Wilderness

5. Finally, I think it’s been just incredible watching Adeline grow and change over the past year. I’m sure this isn’t news to any parent, but children really do grow up fast. She went from being a small bundle to a 20-something pound toddler with a unique personality. Attached for your viewing pleasure below are some fun moments throughout the last year. The first video is on the long side because I can’t bring myself to edit out some of these moments… there were so many fun ones.

Thanks for reading, and with any luck we will see you in 2021.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays, from the Novaks

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